School Advisory Council (SAC)

2021-2022 Holley Navarre Middle School Advisory Council

Joie DeStefano: Principal

Dan Schmidt: Chairman

School Board Rep: Carol Boston


School Representatives

Lisa Lewis

Dave Proctor

Bob Daniels 

Akida Morgan

Parent Representatives

Barbora Valic

Jeanette Clark

 Dawn Etzold

Michael Broughman

Amy Coop

Heather Gerlach  

Business Partners

Gerald Waters

Dawn Kaunike

 Lacy Allen

Polly Dole

Kelly Dixon

Regina Dixon
Tyler Stokes


Meeting Information

S.A.C. Meets once a month at 8:15 am in the Media Center. The following are the meeting dates for this school year and are subject to change when needed.

SAC Calendar for 2021-2022

September 19: Room 421

October 17 

November 21  

December 19 

January 16 

February 20 

March 19 

April 16 

May 21

Accountability Reports

2021-22 Meetings' Minutes

2020-21 Meetings' Minutes

2019-20 Meetings' Minutes