Parent, Teacher, and Student Association

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Edited Image 2015-9-8-12:25:15
2021-2022 HNMS PTSA


President Rachel Pinkerton 

Treasurer Jessabell Valle

Secretary Jeanette Clark

Fundraising Chair OPEN! Join Us! 

Staff Appreciation Chair Kelly Sischo

Membership Chair OPEN! Join Us! 

Volunteer Coordinator Jason Newbold
Student Recognition Chair OPEN! Join Us!
Publicity Chair  Katie Oakes


In order to volunteer at any school in Santa Rosa County, each person must complete a volunteer form for EACH school they wish to volunteer in, and submit the form to that school ASAP. The form will go before the school board each month for approval. If you do not have an approved school board form on file, you will not be able to volunteer.
Click below for the volunteer form and get it to the school.