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Dating Violence Information
Presented on Feb. 7th to 8th grade students

Life Options Clinic desires to help educate children on forming safe and responsible relationships.  It is our purpose to help our students achieve their goals, keep their priorities straight in relationships, and keep them on the path to a healthy lifestyle!


Our sessions present information on what effects our relationships, goal setting and achieving, and the importance of boundaries in our relationships.  It is an evidence-based curriculum designed to help teens learn how to set goals and make wise choices about relationships. 


  • The student will be able to identify the “masks” the abuser wears to cover up their abusive tendencies. 


  • The student will further understand the tactics of the abuser. 


  • The student will learn how to understand warning signs and help others do the same. 

Granparents Raising Grandchildren & Other Relatives Support Group

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