Our mission

Holley-Navarre Middle School is committed to providing the skills necessary for our students to compete both academically and technologically in the 21st century global community.  Our mission will be accomplished through the collaboration of parents, teachers, students and community members.

OUr vision

Holley-Navarre Middle School strives to create a positive atmosphere that encourages its students to work confidently towards reaching their potential by becoming critical thinkers and life-long learners.


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6th Grade Bell Schedule

1st    9:20 - 10:16

2nd  10:21 - 11:13

3rd   11:17 - 12:09

4th   12:13-1:39

Lunch 1:09 - 1:39

5th    1:44 - 2:36

6th    2:41 - 3:34

7th Grade Bell Schedule

1st    9:20 - 10:16

2nd  10:21 - 11:13

3rd   11:17 - 12:43

Lunch   12:13-12:43

4th   12:47 - 1:39

5th    1:44 - 2:36

6th    2:41 - 3:34

8th Grade Bell Schedule

1st    9:20 - 10:16

2nd  10:21 - 11:13

3rd   11:17 - 12:43

Lunch   11:17-11:47

4th   12:47 - 1:39

5th    1:44 - 2:36

6th    2:41 - 3:34


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Aaron Pinkerton

He is is the first student in Santa Rosa County to pass his robotics certification!!

Florida's B.E.S.T Standards transition

  • New instructional materials designed for the new BEST ELA standards grades K-12 may be adopted in 2020-21 for use in 2021-22.

  • New BEST ELA standards will be in effect for grades K-2 in 2021-22.

  • New instructional materials designed for the new BEST Math standards for K-12 will be adopted in 2021-2022 for use in 2022-23..

  • New BEST ELA grades 3-12 standards and new BEST Math K-12 standards will go into effect in 2022-2023.

  • New State tests for ELA grades 3-12 and Math K-12 designed for the new BEST standards will be developed and implemented in 2022-23.

  • More discussion to come.  The district staffers are working on developing crosswalks between the current standards and the new standards. 

School Map

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Remote Parent Training Information

The Distance Learning Playbook for Paren

Phone Numbers:



Military Family Information

Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, MFLC and Child and Youth Behavioral MFLCs (CYB-MFLCs) will be able to temporarily provide telehealth services to you and your children. These services include video and telephonic (VTC) non-medical counseling in areas where face-to-face support is restricted due to COVID-19. We are pleased to announce this temporary capability to provide continuity of care for the families in the Holley Navarre Middle School community.

Covid-19 Information

Holley Navarre Middle School will be closely monitoring all updates from the Santa Rosa County Schools District Offices "who are working closely with the Santa Rosa Health Department, Center for Disease Control, the Florida High School Activities Association and guidance from Education Commissioner Corcoran to help protect our students and employees during this time (Supt. T. Wyrosdick)." Please click the link below to see all guidelines, procedures, and plans set in place at this time that will be followed by HNMS. We will update here on our website and Facebook page as new information is given to the schools. 

Latest Health Resources

Emotional, Family, Mental, & Physical



Holley Navarre Middle has been selected as one of the first middle schools to implement Anchor-4-Life with our students.


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Needing Help?

Holley Navarre Middle School is committed to providing a safe  learning environment for our students . To assist in this pursuit, we are providing options to anonymously report cases of bullying, threats to self or others, or threats to the community, 

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Watch the video to get information about the Santa Rosa County Speak Out Program.
Option 1: Click the P3 logo to download the P3 Tips App on any Apple or Android device.

Option 2: Click the Santa Rosa Speak Out Logo to get to an Anonymous Online Report Form.

Option 3: Click the FortifyFL logo for another Anonymous Reporting form for FL Residents.


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Mandatory Santa Rosa County Volunteer Forms

If you plan to volunteer or help at any school in the district, you must complete a volunteer from and have it approved at the monthly school board meetings. If you do not, you are not allowed to volunteer. Click the Bulldog to find out more!


HNMS Reports

We are an "A" rated school

To view our school's Report Card and Grades, click the button below.

Our School Improvement Plan

Our plan is pending school board approval in October. Once we have approval, you will find it by clicking the button below.

contact us

Holley-Navarre Middle School

1976 Williams Creek Drive

Navarre, FL 32566

Tel. 850-936-6040

Fax. 850-936-6049

1976 Williams Creek Drive          Phone:  850-936-6040
Navarre, FL 32566                        Fax:  850-936-6049
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